Using Art for Child Safety

Whenever parents bring home a new child, their deepest fear is that they will be unable to keep their child safe. They suddenly see everything in their home as an object that might harm the baby, and it only gets worse once their child can crawl or walk. Every sharp object has the potential to create cuts, bruises and gouges. Windows present their own issues as a child can run into them if they are not paying attention, or they might go through an open one. The majority of parents will eventually lose many of their early fears, but they will continue to try protecting their children for a lifetime.

The Danger of Hot Objects

One of the biggest dangers to children is hot objects, and they come in many shapes and sizes. A cup of coffee or tea sitting on a coffee table is a danger to small children just learning to walk. They often hold onto furniture for balance, and they might see a cup as a pretty object they want to touch. Stoves, radiators and wood burning heaters present the same dangers, so parents are being sensible when they do their best to keep their children away from all of these things. Severe burns can be fatal, but those that are less severe can still cause lifetime scarring as well as immediate pain.

The Glass Conundrum

Light is essential to a good life, and it has been discovered that some people suffer depression when there is not enough of it during the colder months of the year. Children are just as prone to the effects of light deprivation, so it is important to ensure they live in an environment where there is plenty of natural light. Parents who are concerned their children are too young to understand the dangers of walking into glass do have options, and placing colourful glass decals or glass transfers by local artists on windows children can reach is one way to help them enjoy the light without the danger of bumping into the window. Parents who want their own decal designs can upload them to Siak Transfers, and they can be shipped for easy application.

Broken Glass Blues

Whenever a glass object is dropped, there is a good chance it will break unless it falls onto carpet. Modern interior design calls for solid flooring made of hardwood, ceramics or stone. Parents who are concerned their child will wander into an area where this is broken glass have a legitimate concern, so keeping their child occupied while they clean up the shards is important. A child's play area within the home has become almost a necessity, and artistically designed colourful objects will attract the child's attention while their parents are busy keeping them safe.

There are few guarantees in life, so protecting children from modern hazards has become a nightmare many parents endure. For those who choose to be proactive in their defence, there are many ways to use art to keep their children safe. Helping them avoid being hurt by bumping into glass doors is easy if they use colourful decals, and keeping them in their own play area can be done if the colourful works of local artists are scattered throughout it.