The Art of Multiple Use Items

A fluffy pillow and a bright throw on a small sofa in the living room is the perfect place for a visiting child to take a nap, and they are unaware of how they have used the décor to create a comfortable sleeping spot. Children do well with their own imaginations when it comes to turning items used for one thing into something else they can use, but adults tend to think in terms of only one or the other for each item in their home. There is nothing wrong with practicing the art of multiple use items, and it can take the clutter out of an area while adding beauty and value to the home without additional effort.

Removing Kitchen Clutter

It might appear that each and every item in the kitchen is necessary, but it is not always true. Many storage solutions do nothing more than add useless items to the most used room in the house, and cleaning them out occasionally is a good way to create a modern clean look. Removing kitchen clutter makes it look nicer, keeps everything easier to use, and working in the kitchen can go back to being a joy for the cook. Removing old lids without pots or dishes is just the start, so finding new items that can be used for many different operations is the basis of making an efficient kitchen that welcomes all.

Dressing the Den

For those lucky enough to have a room just for the family to relax, dressing the den with multiple use items is an easy way to make it a place everybody wants to hang out. Many families now have a plethora of electronic devices, so taking the back out of a decorative cabinet to hide a charging station is a good way to make it look comfortable while adding usefulness. Remote controls seem to get lost on a regular basis, but purchasing a coffee table with a convenient drawer in front of the sofa is a great way to turn one item into something that does two jobs simultaneously.

Bedroom Remodelling

Ripping out the walls, tearing up the flooring, and paying an expensive designer to come in with a large bill for new furniture is not the only way to refurbish any room in the house. Some simple ways to get more use out of personal space is bedroom remodelling, and it can be done with little or no cash outlay. Adding space is a way of attaining luxury, so adding storage under the bed could be the answer. Combining a room freshener like LDC, luxury scented candles on the bedside table is an excellent way to add art to the room while infusing it with a pleasant aroma.

Almost any area of the home can be improved by taking a good look at items that have only one use and exchanging them for those that have multiple functions. Adding storage is often a great way to accomplish the goal of eliminating clutter, but those who are serious can just toss most of what they have amassed over the years for a fresh clean look. One can cover an old tatty looking table with some luxury tableware.